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Ubuntus - Art, Engagement, Diversity

Ubuntus is an inclusive art and education programme which enables non-refugee children and young people, and children and young people who have fled their home countries and are living in collective accommodation and emergency shelters, to become partners.

It establishes education partnerships, with children and young people taking part on equal terms in projects on contemporary art and architecture which bring them into contact with each other and enable them to learn something about themselves.

Ubuntus does not stop at its work with children and young people, however. The programme creates spaces for people to come into contact with each other, regardless of age, and encourages not just children and young people, but also their families, friends and neighbours, to develop and nurture a sense of open community. Engaging with each other in this way enables all participants to experience what diversity means – they learn from the challenges while creating something new.

The programme consists of linked modules which are being continuously updated.


Basic Module – Equal Education Partnerships

The Ubuntus education partnerships have four aims:

Diversity Education: Participants learn to see people as individuals and to recognise that diversity is the norm – irrespective of social, ethnic or other origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, age, physical or mental abilities/disabilities...

Engagement: Engaging with each other in a respectful, participatory and lively way fosters empathy and the ability to manage conflicts.

Empowerment: Participants are encouraged to engage independently with the contemporary arts and to explore how they can use this means of expression to participate in society.

Language: All participants improve their individual language skills.

Current Project Module – The accessible Ubuntus Kitchen

Few things do more to bring people together than creating something together. In this project module, the Ubuntus participants are designing and building an inclusive Ubuntus kitchen, which can be assembled easily in a variety of settings, providing new opportunities for neighbours to come together and promoting cohesion.

Neighbourhood initiatives, non-profit projects and all other interested individuals are warmly invited to get involved!